Why Georgia Politics Needs A New Guard

There are many reasons why a ‘New Guard’ is needed in Georgia politics. I will only name a few. In the south, we have three swing states that any given year can flip from Republican to Democrat. Those states are Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Georgia has diversity that is similar to those states. Georgia has the urban centers that are progressive strongholds. However it is lacking something that keeps it from being a competitive state for Presidential, Senate or Gubernatorial elections. Most people think there is a missing it-factor with what is going on the ground politically. Given the fact that Georgia’s white population is so conservative leaning, it’s literally going to take amazing voter drives, field efforts and community engagement to turn Georgia into a Virginia. This means we have to do a better job selling politics to progressive constituencies. We believe that the Old Guard of Democratic Party Leaders is not capable of doing this.

The Gold Dome

This is important for state and local politics as well. That same energy has to be used to attempt to win back the State House and State Senate which bring us to the original question. Why does Georgia need a “New Guard?” Let’s start with the politics of fear mongering and manufactured crisis. The Republicans are excellent messengers. They can turn something incredibly small in to a national crisis. This has led to sweeping anti-LGBT Bills across America. This has led to unprecedented attempts to roll back abortion rights. This has led to a popular rhetoric that poor urban communities are destroying America. This simply has to be combated at all levels. However, this isn’t a partisan issue. We have a problematic Old Guard in the Democratic Party that is also part of the problem. They prefer lower voter turnout because that strengthens the chances of them defeating potential primary challengers.

This not so much about ideology as it is competency. Sure, a progressive agenda generally will be good for a larger group of Georgians. However, incompetence and corruption in both parties is just as much of an issue as ideological frenzies of the right. Therefore we need a New Guard to support  political change at the state and local level which in turn will lead to success nationally. We believe in community politics. We believe that all politics is local. We believe in promoting candidates who will address real issues in the community and not just push Democratic Party talking points.

There seems to be more political socialites than people trying to be agents of change. I see a ton of self-promotion in the progressive community and not enough people trying to promote change. I don’t see enough influential young political activists showing courage against the Old Guard. Don’t confuse my words, I appreciate what people like Ambassador Andrew Young have done. However, we need people in positions of influence to counter these powerful figures when they are wrong. This is why we need a New Guard. We need a New Guard to promote ideas of the future. These ideas can be expressed via support for candidates, for elected officials, and other forms of activism. I encourage young progressives in the State of Georgia to think about what political change means right here at home.

This election cycle we will be supporting turning Senate District 43 blue again. We believe this is a district that should have never fell in to the hands of Republicans. Turning out the vote in DeKalb County will be critical for turning the district blue again. We are also supporting Jimmy Holbrook for County Commissioner of Chattooga County. We believe this is a winnable race that would be symbolic and could possibly spur a movement in rural North Georgia. Jimmy is man who has potential to break the rural firewall. Inside and outside of Metro Atlanta, We are supporting candidates who want to bring a higher standard for politics in Georgia. We invite you all to help by donating or attending one of the events we will organize in the coming months.