Felicia Moore: The Only Answer For Council President


Too often, it seems a courageous politician is hard to find. When things get tough, many will back down or compromise their principles and fail to hold the powerful accountable.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore is one of the good ones for sure.

Over the years we have witnessed her exceptional integrity and work ethic. She is a champion for transparency, having distinguished herself as a leader on this issue at the Council level. Earlier this month the Atlanta City Council approved a plan to build a website that will allow citizens to more easily understand where their taxpayer dollars are being spent. All of this was made possible by Councilmember Moore’s leadership and efforts to build consensus.

She is also a blight fighter, which we are so proud of! There are numerous challenges with respect to abandoned homes in her Council district. Felicia Moore has been proactive in submitting and following up on code enforcement issues, solving them much more efficiently than in other parts of town. She also had the insight to hire community leader Dustin Hillis as a Code Enforcement & Special Projects Assistant in order to more effectively track and report on abandoned home issues in her district.

From a fiscal standpoint, Moore consistently advocates for the City of Atlanta to use resources wisely to prevent waste. She was instrumental in the negotiation and passage of the 2011 Pension Reform Plan. Because of this plan, the City of Atlanta now has $175 million in reserves–the most in its history.

Felicia Moore is well-liked by her constituents, having served since 1997. We are proud to endorse such a qualified and proven leader, and we will be working diligently to see that she is elected President of the Atlanta City Council.

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