Felicia Moore Pushes For Property Tax Transparency


Are your property taxes through the roof this year? Many Atlanta property owners would answer “Yes” to that question. As many individuals assess how to contend with drastic increases, it is good to know that a few of our elected officials responded quickly to citizen concern over very important issues such as property tax increases.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore responded quickly and efficiently as always! Councilmembers Moore and Norwood drafted and led the passage of a resolution asking Fulton County to delay the 2017 tax assessments and request that someone from the office of the Tax Assessor come directly to City Hall to explain the inconsistencies. The resolution also calls for the Tax Assessors Office to explain the methodology that they used to determine and assess properties.

This serves as yet another example of why Felicia Moore is the right fit to serve as our next Atlanta City Council President! She is hardworking, diligent, and always ready to act in the best interests of Atlanta residents. Use this link to donate to our organization, and also please read our previous post to learn even more about why she is best fit to lead us.