Integrity Matters: Vote Moore For City Council President



We are only a few days away from election day. Many voters are still undecided on a number of races, from City Council to Mayor. Our blog post today will discuss transparency, ethics, and the need for Atlanta to turn a corner in regards to city government operations. One race of particular importance is the City Council President race.

Longtime District 9 City Councilmember Felicia Moore is the best candidate for the job. Our group has thoroughly examined her legislative record, and accomplishments to date. She stands out due to her work ethic, and fearless leadership style. Felicia Moore has always sided with the people, and pushed for more ethical leadership out of City Hall. In many cases, she is the lone vote on a host of legislative issues. Councilmember Moore is never afraid to stand up to some of the powerful interests that have had outsize influence in Atlanta for far too long. We also would like to discuss the ethical challenges facing her opponents Alex Wan and C.T. Martin.

Many longtime Councilmembers regularly send mail to Atlanta residents outside of their respective districts. These taxpayer funded mailers are used by Council to increase their name recognition with people who are not as familiar with them. This is considered legal so long as a Councilmember doesn’t reference a campaign, or election. Alex Wan, and C.T. Martin made the unfortunate decision to go this route, which raises red flags.

Alex Wan spent over $34,000 on a taxpayer funded mailer to the entire City about a month after the I-85 bridge collapse. If you live in Atlanta and were around during the bridge collapse, it was very apparent that many media outlets were consistently covering all aspects of the collapse and repair of the bridge. C.T. Martin sent a host of direct mail to Atlanta residents all over the city, though he only represents District 10 as a City Councilman. In total, he spent $56,826 on different pieces of direct mail. Our thinking is that both Wan and Martin sent the mailer out as a way to assist in increasing their name recognition given that both are running for City Council President.

It is time to elect leaders for Mayor and City Council that value transparency, ethics, and good governance. For far too long we have had city officials who are laser focused on using their positions of power and influence to benefit themselves and not the community. It is shameful to find out that Councilmembers Wan and Martin have been using our tax dollars to indirectly campaign. Our endorsed candidate Felicia Moore does not have this issue, as she only sends taxpayer funded mail pieces to constituents of District 9.

It’s time to break from the corrupt and establishment politicians who have so little to show for themselves. Vote for Felicia Moore for City Council President. You can rest assured that she will lead the Atlanta City Council with integrity, and work very hard to address the host of challenges facing our great city.