Focus Areas


State And Local Elections

We will employ data driven and innovative strategies to rally support for endorsed candidates on that state and local level. As an officially registered Independent Political Action Committee, we have the ability to craft and launch our own cost effective campaigns to assist candidates, as opposed to merely just being able to cut a campaign donation directly to a campaign. This gives us much more control over how funds are invested, and will ensure that money is not wasted or misspent by a poorly run campaign.

Legislative Advocacy

It is crucial that progressive and outside the box legislation be considered on the state and local level. The New Guard plans on actively working with elected officials on crafting legislation centered around many issues such as:

  • Modernizing laws regulating the craft beer industry
  • Expanding individuals eligible to use medical cannabis oil in Georgia
  • Expanding mass transit in the Atlanta metro area
  • Strengthening laws related to blight
  • Women’s health issues

Citizen Engagement

The New Guard will activate and engage constituencies in order to bring them into the electoral process. It is crucial that efforts be made to ensure that more working class citizens of Georgia are informed about how legislation affects their daily lives, as well as getting them to vote consistently in state and local elections.